Opening hours Mamaloes Eindhoven

Monday: 13 pm (CET)Tuesday: 09 pm (CET)Wednesday: 09 pm (CET)Thursday: 09 pm (CET)Friday: 09 pm (CET)Saturday: 09 pm (CET)Shopping Sunday: 12 pm (CET)

In the large shopping center in Woensel, Eindhoven (WoensXL) you will find MamaLoes at a beautiful location on the corner. Here you can go for all the basic needs for you and your baby. In the spacious store (500 m²) you will always be surprised by the beautiful and unique range of baby products. From real MamaLoes brands to more famous brands, here you can succeed! The top products from our range can be found in the store, but in our webshop you will find much more!

Woensel 242 shopping center
5625 AG Eindhoven