WoensXL is looking for the vlogger of WoensXL.

Will you be our first vlogger? Are you going to capture events, activities, shops, products and visitors with your camera in hand in Shopping Mall WoensXL in a funny, fun and interactive way? Are you not afraid of camera, do you talk easily in front of the camera? Maybe you are the talent we are looking for!

You can send your own video (no later than the end of September) to info@woensxl.nl with your name and telephone 06-no. Video no longer than approx. 30 - 60 seconds
From the submitted videos, we choose a winner or winners who will receive a WoensXL gift voucher worth € 50, -

Explanation / rules
Send your video with name and telephone number to info@woensxl.nl
Indicate in the email why we should choose you as a vlogger.
We choose a winner or winners from the submitted video clips.
The winning or winning video clip (s) will be published by WoensXL.
We will enter into a follow-up conversation with the winner (s) to come to an agreement for you as a vlogger for WoensXL.
Video clip no longer than 30 - 60 seconds.
Any clearly visible persons in the video next to yourself have given permission for the video clip to be published.
The winning vlogger “clips” will receive a WoensXL gift voucher worth € 50, -
WoensXL cannot be held liable for damage, etc., which the vlogger (m / f) has incurred and / or caused. Any costs incurred by yourself to make your participation vlog will not be reimbursed by the organization.