It became exciting for a while: would a property become available in time? Could Team Lekker Important be able to open the now so popular Christmas shop this year? Fortunately!

This year the shop of the old Zeeman in WoensXL is available to the enthusiastic volunteers. A beautiful spacious building, larger than before, in which the now gigantic stock of Christmas items will be housed. This month is all about inventory, furnishing, decorating, inviting et cetera.

The official opening will take place on Saturday morning, November 6, at 10 am. From that moment on, the residents of Eindhoven and the surrounding area can go from Tuesday to Saturday for: Christmas balls, Christmas garlands, nativity scenes, Santa Clauses, Christmas dolls, Christmas decorations and much more. Everything second-hand, but in excellent condition and at prices you can only dream of.

The proceeds of the Christmas shop this year will go to the Wish Ambulance Brabant Foundation, Inloophuis De Eik and Alpe d'HuZes/KWF.

As a reminder: despite the premature closure due to corona in 2020, the team managed to raise an amount of almost 20 thousand. That amount was divided among KWF, Kika, De Eik and Make a Wish. It would be great if even more arrived this year!

The opening hours are longer this year. That means we need more volunteers to man the store. Something for you? Send your email to Ellen van Groesen:

Any Christmas items that are unnecessary, but in good condition? You can hand them in during store opening hours. You can also call tel. 06 5315 6001 or email to to arrange a different delivery time if necessary. If you do not have transport or if the amount of items is too large, the items can be picked up.

The store, Woensel 328-332, 5625 AG Eindhoven, is of Open Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 18 pm and on Saturday from 10 am to 17 pm.

For further information, please contact Walther Hoeijmans: tel. 06 5315 6001 and Lodewijk Kaanders: tel. 06 4092 4004.