Dear WoensXL customers,

On Monday, December 14, we took note of the lockdown in which our country has ended. For WoensXL this means that some of our retailers unfortunately cannot (or very limited) be of service to you in the coming weeks. For essential supplies you can of course go to shopping mall WoensXL.

For you that means the following *: Supermarkets, bakery, butcher, greengrocer, Florist (outside sales only), Opticians, hearing care professionals, banks, drugstores, laundry and dry cleaning, Post dispatch points, pet specialist and pharmacy are still ready for you. In addition, various stores will have a collection point for “online” orders.

Together with you, we hope that we can quickly and effectively control corona so that we can receive you again in all our stores soon. We wish all retailers who are obliged to close a lot of strength in the coming weeks

* inquire at relevant stores for exact opening times and conditions.

List of exceptions for the retail trade published from the national government.

Stores that can remain open are: 

  • Location for business and financial services
  • Food shop
  • Commodity markets for foodstuffs
  • Drugstores
  • Pharmacies
  • Pet shops
  • Opticians
  • Hearing care professionals
  • Petrol stations,
  • Shops for care and welfare aids
  • Locations for repair and maintenance of consumer goods and (motor) vehicles
  • Laundries, dry cleaners
  • The pick-up function at do-it-yourself stores (pick-up of order)
  • Shops outside for Christmas trees and flower sales
  • Wholesalers (business to business)
  • Service points for sending or receiving letters and parcels