At the end of October, WoensXL will be all about Halloween.🧟‍♂️ With Halloween Street Theater acts on both Saturday and Sunday. Due to the success of previous years, we are holding another Trick or Treat for children who dress up in Halloween style this day gratis can get sweets at the participating stores. 🧙🏻‍♀️
The most beautiful Halloween creations have a chance to win a gift voucher of € 50 from WoensXL

Get to know the following acts that you can encounter October 30 and 31! 🧛‍♀️

Quasimodo was born disfigured with a hunched back and a misshapen face. He was exiled in the towers of Notre Dame where he tolled the bells every hour with his lithe body and swinging on the ropes. The loud sound of bells has deafened him. A terrifying character at first glance, but a touching one on the other hand
man with a very small heart.



Wild Hog Demons
These sick demons come straight from Hell. They ride a Boar, controlled by dark ones. forces. Half dead, half alive they hunt you! They come for a one-way trip to the underworld, a bizarre journey full of severed limbs…



Alien Contact
Terrifying but fascinating!
Creepy but colorful!
Monstrous but mysterious!
Through this act, your curiosity will overcome your fear. These aliens are seeking contact and maybe they are just as afraid of you as you are of them.


Las Madamas Muertas
An atmospheric, child-friendly, colorful act full of interaction with humor and movement. An eye- & ear-catcher with a high aesthetic quality. These eye-pleasing, light-hearted Madamas float through life. Their cheerful, graceful skeleton faces mysteriously glide past you. They love to play, flirt and captivate you with their macabre dance in the mist that surrounds them. Follow them and see who they are: chic, artistic ladies from the dead, resurrected to enjoy themselves with the people. Listen to the special music that flutters around them: the sound of their mystical world.


Countess and Earl of Darkness
Countess of the Dark lays down the cards, looks into her crystal ball, or reads you the hand. What future lies ahead for you? She assisted by the Earl of the Dark. Magical sounds come from his organ, or from the hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes. With a bit of fog you will imagine yourself in Transylvania, at the castle of Count Dracula. Can they look in mirrors, how do they deal with garlic? All things you can find out for yourself, by encountering them at Halloween.



The Skeletons
Never thought, totally unexpected and yet it came…
They whiz by with terrifying noise, shrouded in smoke… The Skeletons!!!






Two musical creeps. They are scary kids friends with creepy fun Halloween songs
Repertoire: at least 25 creepy songs and many more fun songs
Location: Usually in shady locations, but Halloween is everywhere.




The Butcher
Who sneaks there so quietly through the dark night, a shadow in a white robe, the monster goes on the hunt. He looks for easy prey that makes him feel good, people in wheelchairs that is his ultimate goal. When he opens his mouth and stretches his teeth above you, keep your body well covered. This shadow appears from time to time, and will continue to do so with your body parts. Once a year your scariest dreams come true, you will probably see him more often, before or during Halloween.



Gorilla on the Loose
A Gorilla has escaped from the zoo. This Halloween, this roaming black monkey is taking to the streets. So get out of here! Or not?


Duo Douce is celebrating Halloween!
Creepy, but also passionate, this headless couple is out of line! They are happy to take you on their freaky journey. They also appreciate an exciting dance with you!

pumpkin men
They are cheerful, playful and sometimes a little naughty. Do exactly what you don't expect. Driven by curiosity, they react to everything around them.
Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.





These days Jong Nederland will also be present, which children will paint for free in Halloween style and take pictures of children in costume. The most beautiful photos of children in costume have a chance to win a WoensXL gift voucher of €50.