UPDATE: WoensXL and the coronavirus

Various shops / companies have adjusted opening hours due to the current situation. Inquire at the store, on their website or social media about the most current situation

27-03-2020 11:53 uur.
MC Company Outlet Woensel is de volgende actie gestart:
Met pijn in ons hart hebben wij de moeilijke beslissing genomen om de deuren van MC Company voorlopig te sluiten. Wil je toch graag een nieuwe outfit, dan kan je een Personal Shopping afspraak maken in een veilige en lege winkel. Dit kan overdag, in de avonduren en in het weekend. Zelfs in onze MC Outlets is personal shopping mogelijk! Je kunt ons bellen om een afspraak te maken of voor eventuele vragen op:
076- 3036293
Hopelijk tot snel! ❤️

Team MC Company Outlet Woensel

26-03-2020 13:39 uur:

TUI Travel agency WoensXL is temporarily closed. Due to the coronavirus measures, TUI has decided to temporarily close all travel agencies. The service will continue; by phone and e-mail. This gives TUI WoensXL the opportunity to speak to you personally.

25-03-2020 14:45 uur:
The new store at our MC Company Outlet Woensel shopping center is closed until further notice due to the corona situation.

24-03-2020 18:48 uur:
Due to the corona situation, Nixxx Tattooshop had to close its doors until further notice.

23-03-2020 19:00 uur:
Due to the new measures announced by the Ministry until 1 June 2020, various planned activities will NOT take place:
- Living Statue on Easter Monday (April 2)
- King's Day with large Orange Market (April 27)
- Mother's Day event (May 9)

23-03-2020 17:30 uur:
Toweroptics is unfortunately closed from today, but is open Monday to Saturday from 13:00 to 15:00 for service work. For urgent matters you can call.

23-03-2020 09:02 uur:
Since Thursday March 19, MamaLoes has closed the store until further notice due to the corona situation.

18-03-2020 20:28 uur:
H&M is still open on 19-03 from 13:00 to 17:00 and will close until further notice.

17-3-2020 17:22 uur:
Update opening hours Lunchroom Lavash
Lunchroom Lavash can be reached by telephone from Friday 20 March from 12:00 to 20:00 for orders and pick-up. telephone 040 2823191

16-03-2020 20:35 uur:
TUI Woensxl is closed for two weeks from Tuesday 17 March
However, we are available daily at the office for telephone / mail

16-03-2020 18:01 uur:
KPN Woensel is closed until 31-3

16-03-2020 12:50 uur:
Eatery Lavash is closed until April 6.
16-03-2020 12:31 uur:

Studio Bamboo/ coffee bar, located in Expedition E, is closed until March 31.

16-03-2020 12:04 uur:
The Nike Outlet Store is closed until further notice.

16-03-2020 11:22 uur:
Hakiki Doner is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 00 pm, late night shopping until 20 pm and on Sunday from 00 pm to 21 pm, orders can be collected, but delivery is also possible after ordering by phone via 00-13 00 20.

16-03-2020 11:05 uur:
Dillen's Friture is closed until further notice.

16-03-2020 10:54 uur:
The Eindhoven Library Expedition E is closed until March 31.

16-03-2020 10:26 uur:
Perfumery Douglas Netherlands, has adjusted opening hours. This has been decided nationally for this week by our head office. We are open every day from 10 am to 17 pm. This also applies on Friday, so no late night shopping.

16-03-2020 09:49 uur:
Bufkes WoensXL, as of March 16 we have adjusted opening hours from 11.00 am to 16.00 pm and can only be collected and delivered. Orders can also be placed online that can be picked up or delivered. Delivery from 25 euros.

16-03-2020 09:00 uur:
The stores in WoensXL are open for the time being, taking into account the stricter hygiene measures indicated by RIVM. Some shops may be closed due to staff being ill or because young children are required to sit at home without a babysitter.

Unfortunately, all catering establishments have been closed since Sunday evening. Some catering establishments still offer collection and delivery. Where catering is combined with a shop function, the shop will be open and the catering section closed.

These are times to support local “unique” entrepreneurs instead of foreign web shops that do not contribute anything to the Dutch economy. Retail & Horeca are experiencing unprecedented difficult times. Support your local retailers by shopping locally or through their online webshop. Some stores also deliver to your home during this time.