Pasar Malam meets country at 28 and 29 September 2019

During two days there is a Pasar Malam with culture, food, market and oriental fun! Country is also represented again this year at the event.

In the middle passage, and the street to the north of WoensXL, is entirely in the theme Pasar Malam; oriental music, dance, activities, food and product sales.

The southern part of WoensXL is entirely in the Country theme; here you will find country music, line-dancing and country-western products, including delicious food.

What can you expect at Saturday 28 September 10: 00-17: 00 hour:
* Band Reward (country)
* Rodeo Dancers (country)
* Band Limitz (music)
* Pentjak Silat (special combat dance)
* Dance group Mentari
* Music group Percussion
* Singer Baudy

And on Sunday 29 September 11:00-17: 00 hours:
* Route 55 (country)
* Rodeo dancers (country)
* Band Jamber (Music)
* Pentjak Silat (special combat dance)
* Anklung Perwarindo (cultural show)
* Kaka Tobelo (special dance)
* Singer Ruben

The event is Worldwide shipping accessible and parking for a day costs max. 3,50 euros.