Animal weekend 5 and 6 October 2019

In the context of 'Animal Day' on October 4, Woensel Shopping Center is honoring this day with a whole weekend around the theme 'Animals'.

During two days, 5 and 6 October, there are various acts with this animal theme.

Saturday 5 October:
- Butterfly flight: two fairytale Pagan butterflies that dance and flutter over the audience from their meter-high stilts.
- Krist Doo Festival Theater: Golila, the lilac gorilla, is a very rare sight, because there is only one lilac gorilla on the entire planet!
- Lukasz Puczko Marionettes: Burek - The Dog Marionette is a performance based entirely on improvisation.
This puppet breaks most of the rules of the standard puppet.

Sunday 6 October (shopping Sunday):
- Frogs - duo: These amphibians elevated to art as colorful, lifelike animals, evoke wonder and amazement.
-WiFi the XXL smart dog: Mr. and Mrs. At the time D'Hond bought WiFi as a small sweet puppy. But WiFi grew and grew beyond everyone's reach. He became XXL and above all: SLIM
- KoeLala: Colderic, cheerfulness and conviviality are the hallmarks of this hilarious mobile musical act.

Many fun acts for young and old and very suitable for the whole family!