The schools have started again and everyone is back to work. Always a busy time. To kick off the first weekend after the holiday, shopping mall WOENSXL eindhoven provides a pleasant musical contribution. Something for everyone this weekend.

On Saturday, August 29, we'll kick off with 5 great musical acts.

There is a mini fanfare with a lot of humor, theater and swinging music.
De Marskramer, Musical, theatrical walk act with built-in sound reinforcement.
Buster Keaton Acoustic Band repertoire such as jazz, latin, pop, sing-alongs, French chansons, listening songs and more!
Velo Drum Eddy & Roger, two old cyclists, are completely absorbed in their new passion. They have converted their bikes into mobile drum kits to bring a dazzling drone animation to street events.
The wonderful and musical love story between the 'Nightingale' and the virtuoso 'Kat Miauzart'.

On Sunday, August 30, we continue our musical weekend with:

A beautiful lady who sings old Dutch songs live for her audience.
We are proud to have the smallest fanfare in the world at the center, but with the decibels of a large corps ...
Mista Beatz the man with the golden throat! An exciting musical, theatrical mobile act
Fanfare GREAT notes. This musical improvisation theater company guarantees a good dose of laughter, screaming, roaring with a musicality to enjoy.

Entrepreneurs will also be involved this weekend. Take advantage of the sale, but also of the new fashion collections that are already widely available in the shops. Of course, safe shopping comes first. The shopping center and all its entrepreneurs follow the strict guidelines of the RIVM. But this does not mean that safe shopping can also be fun. Come to Shoppingmall WoensXL Eindhoven and discover that safe and responsible shopping can also be great fun.