3.800 m2 full of freshness, convenience and digital innovation

Eindhoven, 23 March 2021 - Today the Albert Heijn XL in the Eindhoven shopping center Woensel reopened. The supermarket has been extensively renovated and now has the very latest store concept in which fresh, tasty and healthy food are central. The store offers an extensive range of fresh products on approximately 3.800 m2, such as vegetables, fruit, bread, meals, pastries, meat products, cheeses and snacks. There is also a sushi bar where fresh sushi is prepared on the spot. Faster payment for groceries is possible thanks to 16 self-scan checkouts.

It has been almost 15 years since Albert Heijn XL established itself in the Woensel shopping center. Supermarket manager Roy Wijnhoven: “Previously there were other supermarkets in this building, the last of which in 2006 continued as Albert Heijn. Our employees Anita Gilsing and Jacqueline Zimmerman have been through all those stores. They have been working in this building for over 35 years. A special milestone and therefore they have the honor of officially reopening the renewed XL. ”

Fresh square
Immediately after entering the renovated Albert Heijn XL, customers are surprised by a world of fresh fruit and vegetables. You will find a wide selection of meals, fresh packages and meal salads, and a vegetarian island with about 200 vegetarian and vegan products. There is a sushi bar where professional chefs make fresh sushi, sashimi and maki all day long. Every week from Thursday to Sunday, a chef prepares delicious dishes on the Fresh Square. “Often from the Allerhande or Bonus offers are used. Customers can taste all kinds of things here and take the recipe home with them, ”says the supermarket manager.

Cut your own bread

For breakfast, lunch and drinks there is an extra wide range of cold cuts, cheese, sausages, tapas, olives, salads, nuts, olives and other snacks. Also now there are freshly grilled treats such as chicken wings and meatballs. At the bakery, delicious fresh bread comes from the ovens all day long. There is special cutting machine for customers. If you want, you can cut your own bread with a choice of three different thicknesses. At the bakery you will also find tasty cakes, pastries, biscuits and chocolate.

Digital innovations

There are many digital innovations in the Albert Heijn XL, such as the arrival of 16 self-scan checkouts and electronic price cards. On the fresh square, dry misting, a system that keeps fruit and vegetables at the right temperature, ensures that everything stays fresh for longer. Large screens throughout the supermarket provide information about tasty seasonal products and show surprising recipes. The Gall & Gall, which is located in the hall of the supermarket, has been enlarged and also has the latest concept. Roy Wijnhoven is proud of his Albert Heijn and its employees. “We have been working very hard recently, but the result is impressive! Our store is now a modern, spacious XL with a very extensive range. With us there is always something new to discover, for everyone and every day. ”

Albert Heijn XL in the Woensel shopping center in Eindhoven is open from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 AM to 22:00 PM and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 20:00 PM. As long as there is a curfew, the shop closes at 20:45 PM Monday through Saturday.